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Claims Ecosystem

The Claims Ecosystem is changing the claims handling landscape on behalf of insurers and service providers.  Preferred Repair Network is not a typical vendor management company.   We provide a full spectrum of property repair and specialty services. PRN builds mutually beneficial relationships with its clients, contractors and service providers to deliver cost-effective, exceptional service.

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Our Services

Preferred Repair Network focuses on connecting carriers with contractors and professionals throughout the entire claims process.

Content Restoration

Cleaning up and restoring your personal property after a disaster strikes can be devastating. Our claims management ecosystem connects you with a team of professionals trained to help you along every step of the process.











Specialty and Expert Services

The PRN claims management ecosystem is unique in that we truly bring all providers together to ensure an optimal claims experience. Engineers, attorneys, temporary housing (ALE), ladder assists , tree removal, tarping, board-up and many more services are available to be added to your personalized claim ecosystem management program.






Single Trades

Not every property damage loss requires the services of a General Contractor.  PRN has a robust roster of Specialty Trade Contractors whose primary function is performing specific activities such as plumbing, painting, electrical, cabinet repair and more. Our network continues to develop its service provider base to ensure that specialist contractors are introduced with the skill sets and attributes required, meeting the constantly evolving client and customer needs.



Mitigation & Restoration/ Reconstruction

Water, smoke and/or fire property damage, if not mitigated timely and effectively, can become costly. PRN will ensure that qualified providers respond quickly to mitigate the damage and prevent degradation of the property. Once the property has been secured and mitigation efforts begun, we will also provide a smooth and seamless transition from mitigation to restoration/reconstruction by matching the appropriate service providers to ensure quick and quality repairs.

How We Work

Premier Providers Selected to Join Network

PRN evaluates each application thoroughly to ensure credential requirements are met including the review of licenses and certifications to validate that they are held and that contractors are insured and bonded. We do not over saturate any market, so contractors get the work needed to understand the program and execute thoroughly.

Analyze Services Necessary

As PRN receives claims and/or referrals, each job is reviewed to assess the types of services needed. We’ll recommend which types of providers to send to achieve the outcome desired by your particular company.

Choose the Premier Provider

Referrals are made based on best-in-class performance on a given peril type by territory. When multiple services are necessary, providers are paired together based on data collected and historic joint performance.

Restore Customers' Home and Life

Our goal is to restore the home and lives of each customer. We will track and monitor each service provider throughout the claims process and ensure that all parties are communicating appropriately.

Receive Payment

PRN will work directly with the carrier and adjuster to ensure an expedient payment to the providers and/or customers. We will be transparent in all decisions made throughout the claims process so that there are no surprises and payments can be made quickly, with confidence and accuracy.

Benefits for Providers

Transparent Volume Distribution

Volume distribution will be based on performance. Dashboards and reporting will be available outlining opportunity gained, lost and the reasons behind our decisions.

Alignment to Optimal Job Types

All jobs are not created equally, so we won’t assign them that way. You will receive jobs based on your performance by peril, location, and performance against carrier metrics.

Get Paid on Time

PRN is an ecosystem of partners who understand and value each other’s needs. We know that paying you quickly is critical to ensure your business can thrive.

Reduced Transaction Fees

Controlling the cost of our network is a top priority. We aim to share information, streamline services and eliminate transaction-based claim add-ons where possible.

Ability to Rate Customer, Carrier and Other Providers

To ensure that the ecosystem is able to make the best decisions, you will have an opportunity to rate every person associated with a job. Optimally, we will be able to always put you in a position where you will thrive.