claims ecosystem management

To optimize your efficiency and experience, we can manage your entire claims provider portfolio. To develop optimal outcomes we manage and track all providers, enabling decision making on everything from mitigation to engineering.

Intelligent Decision Making

Provider assignments will be based on performance, peril, experience, territory and more. We will ensure that you have full transparency into your claims ecosystem and that the results tie directly into your organizational goals.

Quality Assurance

 We focus on delivering a quality service and product! While not every claim will be void of challenges, you can be assured that every growing opportunity will be tracked, evaluated, resolved and then stop guards put in place to prevent the issues from returning. Your customers are our priority and we will strive for perfection.

Complete Accountability

 Ecosystem providers are managed to achieve the claims experience that your customers deserve. Providers are held accountable to the service they provide, facilitating appropriate hand-offs and scored based on the total outcome of the claim. We believe that each provider is responsible for the life-cycle, not just their segment.

Customers First

Your customers are unique to your business and deserve the experience you designed for them. PRN designs a customized program to deliver your optimal customer experience to your customers. Our network is comprised of providers dedicated to ensuring that there are seamless handshakes throughout the process, enabling your customers to return to their own personal normal.


PRN is designed and crafted with providers in mind. We seek out those providers wanting and willing to leverage the benefits of a partnership ecosystem to service customers. They are dedicated to constant, clear communication amongst customers, carriers, and one another. Those with the optimal performance outcome, receive ample volume in their unsaturated territories.


PRN is designed by a combination of former insurance executives, owners of mitigation and restoration companies and software developers to provide carriers with an all-encompassing claims management ecosystem. We’ve joined together to design a program and process which delivers the right job to the appropriate provider to generate an outcome desired based on your specific company goals. We are not just a contractor referral network, we a company dedicated to effectively managing indemnity and expense accuracy, quality improvement and customer experience.