Service Providers

The Claims Ecosystem by PRN is a performance-based allocation system which provides greater opportunities to service providers who perform strongly in optimizing costs and improving customer service.

Intelligent Decision Making

Your volume will be based on key performance metrics by peril, customer results and adjuster feedback within a given territory. We will ensure that you have full transparency into your results and help coach your organization to thrive as a top performer.

Quality Assurance

PRN is dedicated to delivering customized experiences to each Carrier and their customers. Our contractors will be paired to the job types where they will yield an optimal experience based on the carrier requirements.

Complete Accountability

Every network will say that they reward the best performers with volume; we will demonstrate it. We are fully transparent with our data and may share your position and/or volume relative to others in your territory.


Mitigation & Restoration

Water, smoke and/or fire property damage, if not mitigated timely and effectively, can become costly. PRN will ensure that qualified providers respond quickly to mitigate the damage and prevent degradation of the property. Once the property has been secured and mitigation efforts begun, we will also provide a smooth and seamless transition from mitigation to restoration/reconstruction by matching the appropriate service providers to ensure quick and quality repairs.

General Contractor

A general contractor often hires specialized subcontractors to perform all or portions of the construction work.


Tarping providers cover openings in the home to prevent entry from the elements.

Tree Removal

Tree removal providers perform emergency tree removal from home and/or property and dispose of debris. 

Water Mitigation

A water mitigation company performs emergency water extraction to prevent degredation of the home.


Board-up providers secure windows, doors and other openings in home to prevent access from intruders.

Fire & Smoke Mitigation

Provide emergency board-up, pack-out and cleaning of home after fire or smoke has damaged the home.

Content Restoration

Cleaning up and restoring your personal property after a disaster strikes can be devastating. Our claims management ecosystem connects you with a team of professionals trained to help you along every step of the process.

Textile Restoration

Textile restoration providers clean fabrics and clothing after sustaining damage.


Cabinet Repair

Cabinet repair companies are able to match and/or repair cabinetry when only a portion is damaged.



Pack-out providers inventory your home contents, pack and store them to enable faster home repairs.

Art Restoration

Art restoration specialists are artisans who restore artwork and other high-value items and antiques. 


Content Cleaning

Content cleaning providers inventory items in your home, and individually or bulk clean personal contents.

Single Trade

Not every property damage loss requires the services of a General Contractor.  PRN has a robust roster of Specialty Trade Contractors whose primary function is performing specific activities such as plumbing, painting, electrical, cabinet repair and more. Our network continues to develop its service provider base to ensure that specialist contractors are introduced with the skill sets and attributes required, meeting the constantly evolving client and customer needs.


Plumbers will install and repair pipes and fittings of water supply or heating systems.

Ice Dam Removal

Our ice dam removal providers are able to safely remove ice dams from your home to prevent or mitigate water intrusion into the home.


Roofing contractors are able to repair or replace roofing structures and components.


Painters are able to do small painting touch-ups to full home painting jobs.

Specialty Services

The PRN claims management ecosystem is unique in that we truly bring all providers together to ensure an optimal claims experience. Engineers, attorneys, temporary housing (ALE), ladder assists , tree removal, tarping, board-up and many more services are available to be added to your personalized claim ecosystem management program.

Leak Detection

Leak detection providers determine where in your home a water or gas leak is originating.

Additional Living Management

ALE providers will assist in locating and the placement of customers after a loss.


Engineers are available for structural damage assessment to determine origin and cause, etc.

Ladder Assist

Ladder assist providers enable two-story and steep access to homes. 

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